Loving Spirit @ 33

I hope some of you managed to get on Loving Spirit when the system selected it at odds of 33. At the time it was trading on Betfair at 25, but the price came right in to 14.6 at the start with Betfair and was around 10 with most bookies. The selected odds represented a fantastic value and the fact that it came in a winner meant a great return for the backers who got the early price. Another great selection yesterday was Orpenindeed, selected at 10 and winning with a starting price of 5.7 on Betfair.

I’ll get round to analysing the results for September soon. October was off to a great start with the selections mentioned, among others resulting in 69.7 points from 38 selections.

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5 Day summary

I realise that my posting is rather sporadic lately. As things settle down at home I will get back to more regular posts, but for now I will just give a summary of the last 5 days:

23/9  12 points from 29 selections

24/9  31.5 points from 31 selections

25/9  21.7 points from 38 selections

26/9  12.5 points from 13 selections

27/9  19.7 points from 16 winners

So it has been a lean period for finding winners. The system has consistently found value selections where the price has beaten the SP, but these haven’t converted to winners. Sometimes it goes like that and I am certain that it will turn around soon. The results since the start of the year have proved that it always does.

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New routine

I have been able to run the system normally for the last few days, which is good. I have found that I just have to fit it into my new “routine”. Currently I set things going after little Miss Tipster has her morning feed, even though the timing of that is variable at the moment. The system is performing reasonably well. The highlight yesterday was Speedyfix selected at 16 and winning with a SP of 13.5. I’ll post a summary of the last few days results later.

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Proud Father!

I am sorry for not posting or for running the betting system over the last few days. My daughter was born in the early hours of yesterday morning. Needless to say, it has been a thrilling, but exhasting few days, with only a few hours sleep for Mrs Tipster and myself. Baby Tipster is doing just fine, as is Mrs Tipster although some more sleep will do her a lot of good. I aim to start the system up again for tomorrow’s racing and to get back to regular blogging as soon as I can.

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Select Committee

Thedailytipster.com had a really good day yesterday returning 55.8 points from 42 selections. The 12 winners included Credit Swap, selected at 12 and starting at 9.78, and Select Committee, selected at 11, starting at 8. After a slow start to the week there seem to be more races now, so more to get our teeth into.

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Back to business

It’s been a busy few days so I apologise for not posting regularly. It has been quiet on the betting front though with not many race meetings this week. The system has been ticking over. The results for the last 3 days are:

Sunday 14.1 points from 17 selections

Monday 21.8 points from 19 selections

Tuesday 19.3 points from 23 selections.

A small loss over the 3 days, but the system is in profit for September. We are 24 points ahead so far.

Hopefully I can post more regularly now….

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3 Day Roundup

There were mixed fortunes for thedailytipster over the last few. Thursday and Friday returned a profit with returns of 41.74 and 38.98 points from 32 and 38 selections respectively. Saturday started well with some good selections in the morning, but the afternoon selections were less successful. Despite beating SP by 13% on average the winners were not forthcoming and returns of 25.96 points from 40 selections did not do the system justice. It was one of those days when a trading strategy was the best approach.

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