100 Days

This is the 100th post for TheDailyTipster’s Blog. I started the betting system in January and began blogging  a few months after that. I have really enjoyed doing this so far and I am grateful to all my readers for your comments via the log and also via email and the links on thedailytipster.com. I hope that you have found the selections useful for whatever betting strategy you employ and I hope that you have enjoyed reading the blog so far.

Profits for the system are in excess of 500 points for the year so far. I’ll be analysing the results for August soon to give a more exact figure. I am really pleased with the progress and I have recorded details of every selection which will allow me to do some more detailed analysis in the next month or so and hopeful increase the rate of return. I will also be making some changes to the website. In the next few days I will be emailing a password to everybody that has registered so that you can access the selections from the start of September. It is still possible to register via the link at thedailytipster.com. I will also be introducing other improvements – I am looking into setting up automated emails to send the selections out by email as they are made. This will be an option for users, or if you prefer you can continue to use the website with the audible alert when new selections are made.

Good luck with your betting. I hope that you will continue to follow the system and this blog. Any comments or suggestions for improvement are welcome as always.


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