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The system bounced back yesterday with returns of 52.35 points from 41 selections. That is more like the kind of results I have come to expect. I have almost completed the new function on the website, to make an audible alert when new selections arrive. There will be the option for you to switch the alerts on or off. I think I will go live with this version on Saturday so that I know I will have the time to fix any bugs.


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3 Responses to Back to form

  1. Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

    • Hi Kerstin,

      It is precisely the long run that you have to consider with my system if you are backing to win. The results page at shows that winnings produce a 10% profit on average with reasonable consistency. It has been suggested that the publication of my selections might affect the availability of the prices, but I would probably need a massive following for that to be the case and I doubt I am anywhere near that stage. If that did become the case I could always make the system a membership or subscription service.


      • I should also point out that for shorter term profits the system can be used to guide a trading strategy, but the returns will possibly not be as great as backing to win because of the need to pay commission to the exchanges.

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