May summary

The month has ended on a high today with winnings of 40.8 points from 26 selections. I’ve just been analysing the data from May and the results are interesting and encouraging. The month starting with a losing run, mostly before I started the blog on the 8th. Around that time I made a change to the selection criteria to make them more stringent for the higher odds horses (mainly affecting selections above 7). The effect was quite remarkable. As expected, the system produced fewer selections in this odds range as a result of the change. What was most encouraging was that since making the change the system has produced a profit of 60 points from 454 selections (a return of  13.2%) and was more consistent day on day. I hope that you were able to get on some of the selections either as a bet to win or as a trade. I’ll try to post more details about the analysis over the next few days.


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