Treading water

The last few days have not been spectacular, but that is the nature of the system. Today saw 36.87 points from winners with 38 selections. The highest odds winner was Charlie Cool (Ripon 3:40) selected at 7.5 and coming in with an eventual SP of 6.4 on Betfair. I’m perfectly happy to have a few days of just about breaking even, interspersed with the big winning days. May has not been the easiest month so far, but still okay. There are still a few days left to make it a really good month. At the end of the month I’ll publish the monthly and cumulative results to see how it compares to the trend so far.


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2 Responses to Treading water

  1. BR says:

    I like the idea behind your betting system, but I wonder if publishing your selections will force the prices to change quickly and so you will lose your edge and not be able to get your bets on in time. Have you seen any evidence for this?


    • Hi BR,

      I haven’t seen any change in the way the prices behave and I doubt that publishing my system would cause that to happen unless it got a really big following. However, if I thought that it was making a difference I would restrict access to a limited group. It is possible to register your interest via the link on website and I could make a subscriber base from those who register if ever that situation arose. I am not worried about it at the moment and I am enjoying publishing the selections and blogging the results.


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