Ups and downs

The last few days have produced some mixed fortunes for the system. 19 points down on Friday, followed by 0.6 points profit on Saturday and 14.6 points profit today. Interestingly, the prices of all the selections were, on average, 10% higher than the eventual starting price on each individual day. If you adopt a trading strategy (i.e. back with the bookmaker and lay off at SP on Betfair) then you would be in profit each day. If you just back to win then you have to wait for the winners and accept that there will be losing days. However, because you are getting prices that are greater than the true odds for the selections then backing to win will also produce profit in long term. A lot of people use a ratchet system which means that they only ever bet with small amounts based on a small fixed percentage percentage of their starting bank. That way they can take several losing days without depleting the bank. The stake remains the same until the bank increases above a threshold, then the stake is increased to the same fixed percentage of the new bank value. This way the stake grows as the bank does, but never decreases. This has the advantage that the total amount you are ever putting at risk is never more than your starting bank.


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