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I thought I would explain a bit more how the selections at can be used to make profit. The selections are horses for which the odds are expected to fall before the start of the race. On average, the price at the time of selection is 10% higher (with the selected bookmakers) than the eventual Betfair starting price (SP). If the Betfair SP can be considered as the best estimate of the true probability of a horse winning then by consistently taking odds that are 10% higher than SP one should expect to make a profit of 10% of amount staked in the long term. This trend seems to be born out by the system. By comparing the prices of the selections to the eventual Betfair SP I see that the selections are 10% higher than SP on average. Also, by comparing the total odds on the horses that win to the total number of selections made, the system generates profits of just over 10%.  It is important to understand that the 10% profit level is a long term trend. On any particluar race, day or week the system ay produce a larger or smaller profit, or even a loss. However, the long term average seems to be roughly 10% profit. I have been running the system since the start of 2010 and the results to date are posted in I will continue to post results on a monthly basis ( and more frequently on this blog). I will try to improve the system to increase the profit level and hopefully you will see this happen over time.


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