Service Suspended

I have decided to suspend the selections service at Hopefully, the suspension will not be for too long, but possibly will not resume until the new year. This was a very hard decision to make, but life is too hectic at the moment (especially with the arrival of BabyTipster), so I just have to put a few things on hold. I will contact users by email and via this blog when the service resumes. I apologise for the inconvenience that this will cause for my regular users. Hopefully, you can look forward to regular profits again in the near future.

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3 Good Days

It has been a great boost for October over the last few days with 43.3, 38.5 and 40.3 points from 25, 28 and 24 selections respectively. The winners seem to be coming all at once. It’s about time!

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Mellow Fruitfulness

There are fewer races to chose from in these autumn months. The system keeps picking out the value bets, which I can confirm by comparing the price to the starting price. The daily results from winners reflect this in the long term average, even if there are fluctuations on a daily basis. Sometimes I find it is better to trade the prices rather than let them run. Yesterday was a case in point – the average value in the price was 27%, but the points returned on winners were only 8.4 from 23 selections. Other recent results include 15/10 42.8 from 37; 16/10 28 from 31 and 17/10 23.6 from 17.

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Back on Track

October has been a lean month in terms of finding winners, but the last two days have brought us back on track. 14 winners on Wednesday and 11 winners on Thursday brought in a profit of 46 points for the two days. The profits for the month are around 10%, so in line with the average. A few more days like this would be very welcome to give them a further boost.

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October continued

October seems to be a month of fluctuating fortunes for The system continues to select the value bets, but the presence of winners have been a bit sporadic. Below I list a summary of the last 4 days:

7/10 45.5 points from 30 selections

8/10 22 points fro 43 selections

9/10 21.9 points from 27 selections

10/10 12.9 points from 10 selections.

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September Summary

I have completed the analysis of the results for September. This can be found by following the “Results to date” link at It was a month of fluctuating fortunes showing a small profit in the end. Any profit is good  of course and every month so far has been in profit with the trend continuing to be just over 10% for the year.

A further update on the last 2 days – 5/10 16.6 points from 30 selections, and 6/10 34.7 points from 30 selections.

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A quick update

Here is a summary of the results from for the last 3 days.

2/10 7.5 points from 22 selections (Ouch!)

3/10 28 points from 16 selections  🙂

4/10 19.5 points from 24 selections

So a variable performance after the great start on 1st Oct. The month is in profit though, as has been every month so far. I’ll post a detailed summary for September soon – promise!

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